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 Ingolmo's application :-).

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Date d'inscription : 2009-10-03
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Ingolmo's application :-). Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ingolmo's application :-).   Ingolmo's application :-). I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 17, 2010 3:12 am

Hey !

i had the feeling you'd like to join us Very Happy
Remember what I told you we are not a pro clan, not even a clan, we just are a community here to play with fun,
we are not looking to be the best players ever !
I liked you "Why choose ITC" answer Very Happy
Aeolist 'll test u, I hope it so Very Happy
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Date d'inscription : 2010-12-17

Ingolmo's application :-). Empty
PostSubject: Ingolmo's application :-).   Ingolmo's application :-). I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 17, 2010 2:25 am

Teeworlds name: Ingolmo
Real name (not forced to post it): Fran├žois
Age: 18
Country: France
Contact: [MSN] <hidden now>

Attack or def:
I think i'm quite a good attacker, quite a bad defender, and quite a great flagger xD.
Not good with the hook with enemies (no problem with moves), I hope I'll be able to improve myself on this point !

Since when you play teeworlds:
I play since the end of 2009.

What map you play GOOD:
Almost only CTF5 :-D.

Why choose ITC:
I saw some of you (aeolist, Fitzhood, Floyd) on a server just a few minutes ago, and you played very well :-D. You were also nice with others and fair play !..
I'm also interested in ITC because it's a community, not specially a clan, and because it's international, and I like discuss with people all around the world x).

Thanks for reading,


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Ingolmo's application :-).
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