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 Bombs application

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PostSubject: Bombs application   Bombs application I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 08, 2010 10:51 pm

Cause my brother forced me to write tongue , here's my applicatiion to join ITC:

Teeworlds name: Bomb
Real name (not forced to post it): will be published if u agree Wink
Age: 18
Country: Germany
Attack or def: In my opinion I'm a better deffer than attacker, my hook never misses but aiming skillz could be better Sad catching the flag and returning it is possible,too. Don't underrate my movement!
Since when you play teeworlds: I guess for about 2 jears now...
What map you play GOOD: Definitely CTF5, but playing teeworls is always fun.
Why choose ITC: Friendly gamers, with a lot germans (seems so) and probably some players who can help me improving myself ^^

Hope to hear your decision soon,

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Bombs application
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